Am Nullpunkt„Am Nullpunkt.“ erzählt und illustriert Lebensgeschichten, die zu oft von der Bezeichnung „Flüchtling“ verschleiert werden. Biographien von Menschen, die vor kurzer Zeit noch ein Leben, aber nicht die leiseste Ahnung hatten, dass sie bald schon auf der Flucht wären.
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Idee/Konzept: Conrad Menzel
Webdesign: Elmastudio/Conrad Menzel
Texte: Conrad Menzel
Illustrationen: Erna Linst Illustration
Projektleitung: Norman Briewig

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Shot in eleven days on HDV by a team of six, Tom Atkins Blues is not only a funny and moving document of the late night shop but also about confronting change when it is forced upon us. An energetic mixture of fact and fiction, made without television or arts funding, supported and sponsored by individuals and companies in Berlin who simply want to see this film made. Undiluted and unfettered.
Synopsis: For 13 years Tommy has worked in the Spätkauf at the heart of Berlin Prenzlauer Berg; an integral part of people’s daily lives, a place to buy anything you might need out of hours. Every night and all day Sunday. With ska, reggae, & dub playing out of the speakers onto the street. Then the local supermarket opens until midnight every night, the takings plummet and with ever dwindling regular customers, the decision is made to close the shop.
Tommy recalls the past, portrays the present and predicts the future with the friends and customers as they all try to come to terms with the loss of this local institution. Tommy is forced to confront and reflect upon the change and upheaval in his life as well as facing some difficult home truths.

Regie: Alex Ross
D.O.P.: Martin Parry
Drehbuch: Alex Ross
Drehbuchassistenz: Conrad Menzel
Dokumentarische Interviews: Conrad Menzel
Produktion/Beratung: Conrad Menzel